About me
Camilla, 16 years old girl from Finland. All I ever wanted was the world and excellent grades so I can become a lawyer. As you can see, this is some kind of school motivation blog. Enjoy your stay! You can ask anything!

"You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. Act like it."
- Courage Wolf

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to leave this blog on hiatus until my school begins again in August. Enjoy your summer holidays! :)

I’m sorry, my dear followers, I’ve been quite busy in last few days. It is exam week and I’m really tired. I was talking to our school welfare officer and she reserved the time for me to see a doctor. So there’s lot of things going on.

Some of you have asked about my studying routine. Problem is that I made this tumblr to learn how to study – so we are in same situation.

I know that colorful notes are really helpful. Also listen in classes. To me it’s difficult sometimes, I have slight ADD. But if I can focus on lesson, I’ll remember much better and I just need to read the course book before exam.

I’m sorry that I can’t help more but maybe they can:

Thank you! ♥

Anonymous : i really really like your blog! you're posts are very motivating! thanks for existing haha!

Thank you lovely! ♥